Chemz No.8 HandyLube

(400ml) MAF Approved C12 STOP SQUEAKS, CLEANS, LUBRICATES & PENETRATES Super Lubricator, Rapid Penetrator, Squeak Stopper, Metal Protector, Moisture Displacer. Has hundreds of uses on the job, in industry, on the farm, at home and recreation. Leaves oily residue.
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Chemz Z7 BrakeClean

(600ml) MAF Approved C12 BRAKE, CLUTCH & INDUSTRIAL PARTSCLEANER An effective Heavy Duty cleaner for Industrial parts to remove oil & grease. Ideal for pre-assembly cleaning. Non staining, non corrosive and residue free, with fast evaporation. Protect rubber, plastics & painted surfaces from overspray.
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Chemz Rapid Brake Cleaner

(500ml) MAF Approved C12 AN ADVANCED NON CHLORINATED FORMULATION Quickly remove brake fluids, grease and oil from brake linings, pads, drums, clutches and CV joints. Powerful jet action spray nozzle. Fast drying.
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Chemz MX3 Chain Lube

(500ml) Formulated for use on all motorcycle chains. Penetrates inner pins, rollers and bushings and after propellant evaporates thickens to a long lasting lubricant. Safe on O’rings.
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Chemz MX4 Bike Shine

(500ml) Suitable for helmets, gloves, leathers, boots, mudguards, farings, exhausts, instrument panels and all surfaces requiring coating and long lasting shine.
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Chemz MX5 Spray’n Clean

(500ml) Spray on, wipe off. Effectively cuts through grease and grime removing film from motorcycle tanks, farings, guards, panniers, rims, cooling fans, exhausts, suspensions and brake units
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Chemz Grease Eater

(500ml/500gm) MAF Approved C12 HARD HITTING WATER BASED CLEANER & DEGREASER Biodegradable, non toxic & non acidic. Petroleum solvent free. Formulated for use on degreasing engines, machinery, heavy equipment & automotive parts. Excellent for removing grease & oil from workshop floors.
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